In Bloemenveiling there are 100 auctions, each with a different video work generated by artificial intelligence. Displayed on the auction page are pixelated videos, gesturing at the full video work sold. The auctions last 3 days and are conducted using Ethereum as a platform to track bids, using ether as a currency.

In order to bid, you must use a browser enabled to work with the Ethereum protocol. If you use Chrome, Firefox or Opera, we recommend MetaMask, a browser extension that gives you a digital wallet that will allow you to interact with smart contracts and make transactions. If you do not have a MetaMask account it is easy to set up, following the instructions given here. Once a MetaMask account has been created, you will need to purchase Ethereum from an exchange in order to participate in the auction. The Ethereum will then need to be sent to your digital wallet.

To bid, make an offer on any of the auctions that are open. Ether is automatically taken from your wallet when you make a bid. If you do not win the auction, your ether will not be automatically returned to you. You must withdraw the ether yourself, using the button on the auctions page.

If you have successfully won the auction, you must first claim the tulip, after which you will be able to view your tulip video in the «Tulip Ledger» section of the website. This is a temporary piece and you will only be able to view the tulip video for one week, after which the tulip will be blighted and disappear forever.